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這怎麼發生的? 一部關於費城肯辛頓的紀

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By Dorothy
at 2023-07-12T10:30
How Did This Happen? A Documentary About Kensington, Philadelphia 2,207,857 views Jan 24, 2023 #kensington #philadelphia #mo ...

西雅圖正在消亡| KOMO 新聞紀錄片

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By Charlie
at 2023-07-12T10:21
Seattle is Dying | A KOMO News Documentary 15,603,192 views Mar 20, 2019 以下用 chatGPT 產生 - 這部紀錄片探討西雅圖的衰敗狀況,以及居民們所感受到的憤怒和挫折。 ...

真正的價值| 丹·艾瑞裡 (Dan Ariely)

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By Anonymous
at 2023-07-13T07:09
Real Value | Economics Documentary with Dan Ariely | Sustainability | Social Entrepreneurship 1,289,043 views Mar 5, 2014 NO ...

免費紀錄片 - 生活變革:可持續未來的勵

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By Edith
at 2023-07-13T07:12
Free Documentary - Living the Change: Inspiring Stories for a Sustainable Future (2018) 592,069 views Feb 23, 2022 以下用 chatG ...


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By Agatha
at 2023-07-12T05:11
Junk food, sugar and additives - The dark side of the food industry | DW Documentary 1,028,128 views Jul 1, 2023 #junkfood # ...

番茄產業的秘密:紅金帝國| 食品與農業

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By Susan
at 2023-07-12T05:16
Secrets of the Tomato Industry: The Empire of Red Gold | Food andamp; Agriculture Documentary 847,519 views Mar 16, 2022 以下用 ...


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By Rae
at 2023-07-12T05:18
Supermarket Secrets: Are They Lying About Our Food? Food Fraud Investigation Documentary 17,199 views Apr 14, 2023 以下用 chatG ...

喬治·奧威爾 - 對人類的警告紀錄片

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By Belly
at 2023-07-12T09:54
George Orwell - A Warning to Mankind Documentary 749,361 views Jun 26, 2023 #Documentary #History #Biography 以下用 chatGPT 產生 ...

納粹警察國家的神話 - 二戰紀錄片特輯

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By Jacob
at 2023-07-11T20:26
The Myth of the Nazi Police State - WW2 Documentary Special 190,423 views Premiered Dec 27, 2022 以下用 chatGPT 產生 - 這部紀錄片挑戰了關 ...

海因里希·穆勒 - 蓋世太保紀錄片的負責

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By Ophelia
at 2023-07-11T20:38
Heinrich Müller - Head of the Gestapo Documentary 908,600 views Nov 14, 2021 #Documentary #History #Biography 以下用 chatGPT 產 ...

亨利·拉豐 (Henri Lafont),蓋世太保教

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By Ursula
at 2023-07-11T20:59
Henri Lafont, the godfather of the Gestapo | Documentary 281,422 views Premiered May 21, 2023 以下用 chatGPT 產生 - 亨利·拉方是二戰期間巴黎 ...

大流行警察國家[紀錄片]| 英國威權主義

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By Lydia
at 2023-07-11T20:22
Pandemic Police State [Documentary] | The Rise of Authoritarianism in the UK 15,425 views Premiered Mar 24, 2022 以下用 chatGPT ...

美國的監視狀態 - 完整紀錄片 |

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By Ursula
at 2023-07-11T18:06
AMERICAand#39;S SURVEILLANCE STATE - FULL DOCUMENTARY | 2,744,906 views Dec 18, 2022 #FreeDocumentary #FilmIsNow 以下用 chatGP ...


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By Todd Johnson
at 2023-07-11T11:47
【Self-Censorship】│ How China limits freedom of expression │English Subtitle Documentary 8,045 views Mar 20, 2018 以下用 chatGPT ...

中國——監控國家還是未來之路? | 德國

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By Susan
at 2023-07-11T18:09
China - Surveillance state or way of the future? | DW Documentary 2,805,462 views Oct 18, 2021 CHINA 以下用 chatGPT 產生 - 中國擁有 ...


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By Genevieve
at 2023-07-11T03:15
Homeless in Las Vegas: Where Poverty Meets Big Money | Poverty in the USA | ENDEVR Documentary 78,122 views Jul 9, 2023 #Fre ...

達科他州的石油美元| 紀錄片

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By Elma
at 2023-07-11T03:13
Oil Dollars in the Dakotas | Documentary 3,128 views Jun 25, 2023 #artetvdocumentary #gas #ARTE 以下用 chatGPT 產生 標題: ...


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By Dinah
at 2023-07-10T05:43
Doctors, apps and artificial intelligence - The future of medicine | DW Documentary 58,577 views Dec 14, 2022 #dwdocumentary ...


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By Iris
at 2023-07-11T03:02
HSBC: Tax Evasion, Money Laundering for the Mafia andamp; Currency Manipulation | HSBC Scandal Documentary 899,984 views Jan ...

多哥的曲馬多問題 I ARTE 紀錄片

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By Franklin
at 2023-07-11T03:09
Togoand#39;s Tramadol Problem I ARTE Documentary 5,161 views Jul 10, 2023 #ARTE #tramadol #artetvdocumentary 以下用 chatGPT 產生 ...